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I, undersigned, hereby declare to participate in the above-mentioned championship out of my own free will. I hereby declare on behalf of myself, my rightful claimants, my heirs, my in-laws (my parents, my wife, my children) and our insurers to waive all legal remedy versus:

  1. the owner(s) and/or the managers of the circuits;
  2. the organiser(s) of the competition;
  3. the other competitors, team leaders, drivers and the other users of these circuits;
  4. the competitors and the owners (or holders) of the competing vehicles;
  5. the appointed persons, the voluntary assistants and delegates of the persons or organisations specified sub 1, 2, 3 and 4;
  6. the insurers of the persons (or organisations) specified sub 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5;
    for all damage I might suffer during the competition, including the practices. The present waiver also includes the commitment that, in case of decease, my rightful claimants, my heirs, my in-laws or our insurers cannot exercise their rights. I declare having received a copy of the regulations. By submitting this entry form, I declare in agreement with the regulations in force. I also declare that I am acquainted with the competition rules and that I commit myself to observe them without any reservation.
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  • In order to be entitled to participation to the Belcar Endurance Championship 2021, each competitor must pay the entry fee for each car entered, into account n° IBAN BE84 0018 8149 5559, BIC GEBABEBB (ING) of VZW Terlamen in order to acquire the user charges, conferring the right to use the infrastructures for the duration of the meeting.

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  • Since 2011, there is a new rule for VAT of foreign customers(members of EU) with a va/id VAT number. VAT is shifted according to art. 196 of the Directive 2008/8/EC dated 12/02/2008.

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